The upgrade version of the existing product, provides better precision and power efficiency.

Used in temperature sensing devices, enable digital outputs for data verifications.

NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) gas detection sensor

Applied in air quality detection, mainly used for industrial purposes such as energy saving, biomedicine, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Thermopile sensor production line process technology from wafer etching to conponent packaging.

Applied in the production of thermopile sensor components.

Applied in gas sensing devices, mainly used for medical and industrial purposes.

Product code: TP0001 (Thermistor included)

Applied in temperature measurement, mainly used for medical and industrial purposes.

Applied in night-vision system, temperature detection, agricultural, medical, commercial and many other industrial purposes.

Compatible with user's computer products.

The barometer and temperature sensor IC used in Formula-1 cars.

Design of sensor component of the otoscope lense.

Used in human and animal otoscopes for medical purposes.


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