Godsmith Sensors Inc.

Established in 2013, Godsmith Sensors Inc. is one of the most important micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) R&D and manufacturers in Taiwan. While committed to the process technology of MEMS infrared sensor design, we are also extending our product applications to the markets of medical science, industrial manufacturing, smart home devices, automotive electronics, AI and IOT. Proactively expand new business opportunities, Godsmith continues integrate all relevant technologies and resources altogether for its long-term business deployment.

Godsmith Sensors Inc. is one of the few MEMS sensor R&D companies in the world. It is also an important supplier and manufacturer of thermopile sensor devices in this supply chain. Our production line and service currently reaches Taiwan and China. We have been actively expanding our operating centers and business across Asia-Pacific regions in order to achieve strong competitiveness in terms of global R&D, manufacturing and sales.


Striving for perfection, not being afraid of challenges, while bringing creativity to the fullest.

Upholding the spirit as a Godsmith, always delivering the best design to the need.

The design methodology & manufacturing procedure of MEMS infrared sensors are the two core technologies within Godsmith Inc.

The development team lead by Dr. Shie keeps innovating with the field's leading technology for the contribution to the industry.

Patent & Certification

Infrared Thermal Emitter (United States Patent Application Publication).


Quality as Top Priority

Provide top-quality products to the market as always, while maintain an outstanding quality-control management in technology, cost-performance, and service perspectives.

Satisfaction of Customers

Maintain excellent partnership with all customers and suppliers, while create a multi-win circustance for everyone involved in the supply-chain.

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